Friday, February 1, 2013

End of January Report and Future Plans

During January I have undoubtedly spent too much time on the site - with a record 53 posts to the Newsletter (and some other work in the pipeline which I hope to clear over the weekend). The result is that the total number of page views in the month have increased to 7241, compared with 5273 in December, and 2907 in January last year. The number of visitors to the main web site, 25801,  is up by about 1% compared with last year. 

Whatever happens there will be less posts in February. There are several competing claims on my time which I have decided should have priority.  I am giving a talk to our local U3A genealogy group on the use of local newspapers in genealogy next week and later in the month I will be speaking to the U3A science and technology group on the Human Evolution - with an emphasis on mechanisms. Details of this will appear on my other blog - Trapped by the Box - which has been rather neglected of late. I have also offered a related talk (concentration on humanoid fossils and archaeological finds) to the Histroiy group some time in the summer. In March I will be "performing" at the Herts Family History Society open day - and hope to upgrade to a laptop (and possibly different software) before that. I have also just been reminded that this year is the 50th anniversary of the William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust - and I really must complete a draft of a paper on the formation of the limestone caves at Buckfastleigh (based on research I was doing 50 years ago) by the summer AGM. I therefore intend to ration myself to a maximum of 5 posts a week, apart from quickie news items, with priorities given to queries and information from users of this site.

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  1. Some of the most fascinating hominid remains of late are from the Denisova cave. There are just a couple of bones but enough DNA to do the genome, which is different from H sapiens and the Neanderthals. Our DNA has genes derived from both Denisovans and Neanderthals and some have been under purifying selection suggesting they came in useful. Many thanks for the courtesy of advertising my blog. Anthony


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