Friday, February 1, 2013

End of January Short News Items

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The Regent's Park College, Oxford, has recent obtained a grant to help make a major collection of material on the UK Baptists more available to researchers. Details Here.

Errors occur in all the census transcriptions I have ever seen and in carrying out census searches during the month, on FindMyPast, I have found a number of transcription errors and have reported them. In each case they have been quickly corrected. If you find any such errors, remember to report them, as it helps everyone to find the records in the future. However you should remember that you can only correct transcription errors and errors of fact made over 100 years ago when the records were first created are not amendable.

Anthony, who regularly comments on this Newsletter, has just started his own, very specialized  blog - The Evolving Placenta - based on his professional interests before he retired. I wish him all the best with his enterprise - and hope it can continue to find time to comment here in future.

The recent post They didn't have Page 3 Girls 200 years ago ... referred to the small amount of information found about the Hertford Assizes in 1818. Thanks to Anthony two long accounts have been found and details will be added in the next couple of days.

[There are still some unanswered messages in my email inbox, and some draft new pages, which will have to be carried over into February.]

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