Sunday, December 2, 2012

Watford Fete 1914 - Another Cull Post Card

Fete Day, Cassiobury Park, Watford, 1914
I have updated the page for Henry Robert Cull of Watford, who is best know for his many photographs of troops during the First World War. The new post card provides some useful additional dating evidence about his earliest photographs.

Previously we had a card, taken in the summer of 1912,  numbered 65, and then one in September 1914, when he had started taking pictures at a much faster rate because of the extra First World War related photographs. The new card is almost certainly taken in summer 1914 (it should be possible to get the exact date of the fete from the Watford Observer) and is numbered  247 - which suggests that he was only averaging about 2 such photographs a week, and suggest that cards numbered in the 100s were probably taken in circa 1913, and his earliest cards were probably towards the end of 1911.

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