Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Bundle of Books about Harpenden

I have just posted a page which includes details of a large number of books about Harpenden. In most cases there is a review page for the books - but in many cases the review has not yet been written. This works on a "priority" system. If you are interested enough to tell me you want a review I will write it, looking particularly at whatever aspect of Harpenden you are most interested in (assuming you tell me who or what you are interested in). This reduces my work load, as I never have to write a review for books that no one wants to know about. So the more people who are not interested in the history of the places where their ancestors came from the less work I have to do! 

 Please note that 
this list relates to 
books I have easy
access to, and is not
 a comprehensive
list of books on
If you do want a review just click on the book - and if there is no review tell me or write a comment below, and I will add the book to the "Review in 2013" list.

If you have a copy of the book and would like to write a review that will also be very welcome.
You can also suggest towns where you would like a similar list of books.

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