Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Statistics

The month has been a good month with a record 47 posts, with 5790 page views, which is more than 1000 page views above October. The total page views have topped 50,000 since this newsletter blog was created. I am also on target for 250,000 visits to the main web site by the end of the year (almost 238,000 so far). One page has proved surprisingly popular - "New Post Cards of Aldbury." I have found it has come to the top of the "Popular Posts" list because it is one of the top listings if you google for "Charles Dickens Hertfordshire." The problem is that it is the "wrong" Charles Dickens!

I would prefer to get more genuine comments as they provide guidance to what is of interest to visitors to the site. I would also like fewer along the lines of the totally irrelevant one I rejected as spam a couple of days ago which baldly read "you are invited to follow my blog on xxxxxx." At least there appeared to be no malware (or pornography) on the uninteresting blog, unlike the sites mentioned in some of the other messages I have deleted.

While there have been further donations for mental health in Hertfordshire (thanks) since last month's blast "Help me meet one vital target in time for Christmas" it seems certain that this year we will end up well short of the target of £1200 (which was set in the hope that donations would average out at the "generous" rate of £0.005 per visit to the main site). What do people think about my including Google AdSense adverts on this blog?

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