Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Brief Personal Note ...

Many thanks to all of you that have responded to my post Future Plans for this Site - and if you still haven't commented yet please do so NOW. Every comment helps - as it gives me a better idea of who has been using the site - and what they get out of it. It is clear that in the long term I am going to downsize my commitment and that for the next few months I need to concentrate on a backlog of other activities. For instance, as I write this blog the sun is shining - and a climbing plant at the back of the house needs urgent attention - before it decides it is too heavy and pulls away from the wall!

So for the time being I am restricting myself to one day a week on "genealog key bashing" so that I can sort other things out. I will be back next weekend as during the past week the problem I had with updating the web site has been rectified, and there are other updates in the pipeline - but they are not quite ready so they will have to wait until next weekend.

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