Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Unusual Uniform - So what did this man do for a living?

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St Albans
This man is clearly wearing some kind of uniform - but it is clearly not a military one, or for a service such as the police or fire brigade. The badge appears to be a set of initials - but what did they stand for? And as the collar has the number 61 does this indicate that he was one of many who wore a similar uniform?

The photograph was taken by Herbert Edward Birdsey, who lived in St Peter's Street, St Albans, in the early decades of the 20th century. I would be interested to hear of other examples of his work.

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  1. Jon has suggested that the initials might SGC - for St Albans Gas Company and he was a meter reader - which is a job where a uniform might well be expected. The number of 61 seems high in that it seems unlikely that there were 61 meter readers - but there would be many other employees - such as labourers at the gas works.

    The National Archives index says "The St Alban's Gas and Water Company was formed in 1852 based on an existing private concern which had been operating since 1824. It was registered as a joint stock company in 1856. In 1870 the company was dissolved by Act of Parliament, the water and gas undertakings separated and the gas undertaking incorporated as the St Albans Gas Company. In 1930 the Watford Gas and Coke Company and the St Alban's Gas Company amalgamated to form the Watford and St Alban's Gas Company."

    Has anyone any other suggestions?


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