Friday, July 5, 2013

What did couples do before the back row at the Cinema was invented?

I have just added some new post cards by Karaktus to the Crown Publishing Co, St Albans,  page and the two illustrated here suggest that in the very early years of the 20th century a seat in one of the Victorian Public Parks was the place to go for a snog!

I am trying to identify all the comic cards Karaktus published - and ideally get good images of all. Can you help me fill in any of the gaps (titles in red are ones where I am looking for a better image).

01  It is better to have loved and lost, than to have loved and married
02  ??
03  Expulsion from Eden
04  Everything in the garden is lovely!
05  The early bird catches the worm but the late bird catches it from the wife
06  ??
07  ??
08  ??
09  Scotland! With all thy faults, I love thy still
10  Oh! Cheese It!
11  Money talks! but alas I'm speechless
12  ??
13  Who objects walking 6 miles for a drink? I'd walk 20
14  The Officer's Mess!
15  What's the use of all these things without a girl inside

16  Come off at once Jimmy" Do you want to get intoxicated
17  It isn't love that makes the world go round. It's Beer
18  Blow, blow, thou winter wind
19  ??
20  I don't care if there's a girl there
21  ??
22 ??
23  The Old Bachelor's Wish - Oh Heavens! That clothes would but make the woman
24  The Old Maid's Wish - Oh Heaven! That I but had the jewel that was in this case!
25  ??
26  Two pennyworth of dog biscuits, Please
27  Milkman - It looks very much like rain today
28  ??
29  I want you to see my girl
??   All Bachelors should be taxed £50 (probably one of the missing numbers)

In addition I have still made no progress in identifying Karaktus

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