Thursday, September 4, 2014

Launch of the Hertfordshire on the Map Project

The ‘Hertfordshire on the Map’ project is a collaboration between the Heritage Hub at the University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies, and the web site Historypin

This afternoon afternoon I attended the well attended inaugural meeting at the University of Hertfordshire. The aim is to build a collection of photographs and related stories linked to a map of the county, and to encourage people and organisations such as local history societies to share details of their own research.

After the talk a number of the people took part in a workshop where the first pictures were uploaded. It looks an excellent scheme and I will look to see how far I can link my own site to it so that information and pictures can be shared more widely. While I am taking things quietly this month (our Australian visitor arrives at Heathrow tomorrow morning) I will try and upload a number of pictures (both modern photographs and old images) onto the site over the next week or so and report back here on how I got on.


  1. Chris, how does the Heritage Hub differ from Hertfordshire Memories?

  2. The “Heritage Hub” (see link in top post) is an organisation which co-ordinates history related research in Hertfordshire, particularly including work in some way sponsored by the County Council. “Herts Memories” is a web site where people can post stories and pictures about Hertfordshire but does not contain a map based element.. “Hertfordshire on the Map” provides a way of cross-referencing information on the county using a map based approach, and will be able to link together information from various sources, including “Herts Memories.” The system will also act as a repository for pictures and to some extent this could overlap with “Herts Memories” and also with other web based sites picture sites – such as one I already use for modern photographs – Geograph.

    I have started some test postings to see how it might work. Follow the “Hertfordshire on the Map” link (above) and zoom in on Watford. There is a pin for Watford Field School with a picture of the school's 1906 football team. The text ends with a link to the relevant page on my web site. If you follow the link you will find my web page contains (top RH corner) a link back to the HistoryPin map. Such an approach will allow people to look in a location and find relevant material elsewhere on the web, and also provide a communal map location service for any web site which wants to relate historical research on Hertfordshire to a specific location.

    You will also find two other such pages I have set up in the Abbots Langley area, and I have started to prepare some further pins for the Tring area.


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