Thursday, October 23, 2014

Corran School, Langley Road, Watford

Corran, Watford, circa 1910
There were many private schools in and around Watford and I recently came across this post card of Corran, which was a girls boarding school in Langley Road Watford between 1890 and about 1935. Interestingly one of the first principals, Eleanor Frances Jourdain, went on to become the principal of of St Hugh's College, Oxford, as did one of the pupils, Evelyn Emma Stefanos Procter. In addition one of the teachers, May Leitch, was a leading woman golfer, although not as well known as her sister Cecil Leitch.
Any further information on staff or pupils will be welcome


  1. what has happened to corran school has it been turned into something else now?

  2. I am afraid I can't help - the last reference I found was in 1933. One problem is I don't have a number in Langley Road to look in a 1966 directory I have. However the Watford Central Library has local Ordnance Survey maps which might identify exactly where it was, and they have a very good collection of trade and street directories.


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