Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preliminary Trials with "Hertfordshire on the Map"

I have now posted a dozen "pins" on the map using HistoryPin and you will find them

It is possible that I could make use of the "Hertfordshire on the Map" facilities to help to share information across the web and the "pins" have been selected range from a football team to a map and include a collection of pictures of medieval fields, one of which is over the border in Buckinghamshire. As my increasing age (and the increasing age of the software I use) means that the future of my web site needs careful planning I would be grateful if everyone who reads this could visit at least one pin, and leave a comment, even if it is that you visited a particular page and liked (or more importantly disliked) what you found there.

There are two comments I want to make, meaning you don't need to add yours:

  1. Not all my pictures currently appear on "Hertfordshire on the Map" but all are on the site. I am trying to find out why and will be correcting this.
  2. Some of the links back from my site to HistoryPin may be private rather than public links. Again I am working on this one.
Remember - the more helpful the comments the easier it will be for me to plan the future of the "Genealogy in Hertfordshire" web site.
[All comments are moderated so may take some time to appear]

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