Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pupils at the Rev Tucks School at Little Wymondley

The Wymondley House School is looking interesting. In 1841, when Tuck was at still at Welwyn,  one of the pupils was the Royal bastard George St George. Alison has found evidence that in 1851 one of the pupils at Wymondley House school was Hillier Gosselyn, who became mayor of Hertford on three occasions and also served as High Sherriff of Hertfordshire.  So did anyone else who attended the school under Rev. Tuck also become famous. I don't have time to check myself - but do any of you recognize any of the names of boys at the school in 1871 and 1881 - and what happened to them? 

Resident pupils in 1871: Eustace F Hill (13, London), Francis W Howe (12, London), Henry W Smith (12, Biddenham, Bedfordshire), Cecily E R Brise (12, Braintree, Essex), Valentine EdwardBeldam (11, Royston, Hertfordshire), James C Holloway (11, Stanhoe, Norfolk), Philip Bridges (11, China), Archibald Howe(10, London), Augustus S Orlaben (10, Willington, Bedfordshire), Eustace Guinness (10, Ireland), Lionel Herbert (10, East Indies), James Ward Beldam (9, Royston, Hertfordshire), Gordon H Paske (9, East Indies), Herbert A French (9, Shrandeston, Suffolk), Gerald S Guinness (9, Ireland) and Arthur H Gilbert (8, Hemsby, Norfolk).

Resident pupils in 1881: Oswald R. Mounsey (13. Sunbury, Middlesex), Arthur P. How (12, Sunbury, Middlesex), Francis C. French (12, Walingworth, Suffolk), Percy Clark (12, East Holthly, Sussex), George M. Graham (12, India), Charles G. Spencer (12, Wheatfield, Oxfordshire), Sydney How (11, Cobham. Surrey), Alexander C. Calvert (11, Maids Morton, Buckinghamshire), Herbert M.F. Rowe (10, London), Augustus F. Holman(10, East Hoathly, Sussex), Richard Noel Guinness (10, Ireland), William C. French (10, Worlingworth, Suffolk), Conwyn M. Jones (9, Beddington, Surrey), Randal H.W. Vickers (9, Cotham, Yorkshire) and Frederic L. Clarke (8, London).

The names and places of birth are taken from the census returns and there are certain to be some spelling and transcription errors. If you can identify anyone post your information as a comment.

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