Monday, May 4, 2015

Early Post Cards of Hertfordshire - by Wrench

Bishops Stortford
Sir John Evelyn Leslie Wrench (1882-1966) was actively interested in the unity of the British Empire and his post card activities only occupied a few years of a very active life. As a teenager he founded a post card publisher which expanded in a couple of years to become one of the biggest British publishers - and then went bankrupt because it had expanded too fast. He published a number of Hertfordshire view cards in 1903/4, all but one example seen so far having being printed in Saxony. All cards carry a negative number and those recorded so far are:
  • 2195 The Parish Church, Watford
  • 2196 The Fig Tree Tomb, Watford
  • 2198 The Footbridge, Cassiobury Park, Watford
  • 2199 The Swiss Cottage, Cassiobury Park, Watford
  • 2664 Woodcock Lane, Hertfordshire (location uncertain)
  • 2665 Beckhampton Place, Hertfordshire (location uncertain)
  • 4919 Church [Interior], Kings Langley
  • 4920 The Old Ruins, Kings Langley
  • 4921 Church, Kings Langley (wrongly labelled)
  • 4922 The Castle Ruins, Kings Langley ("Wrench" name/logo omitted)
  • 4923 The Mill, Kings Langley ("Wrench" name/logo omitted)
  • 4924 The Mill Bridge, Kings Langley (pub W. Baldwin)
  • 5197 Pound House, Kings Langley (pub W. Baldwin)
  • 6288 High Street, Bishops Stortford
  • 6290 On the Stort, Bishops Stortford
  • 6292 South Street, Bishops Stortford
  • 6294 The George Inn, St Albans
  • 6295 St Michael's Church, St Albans
  • 6296 St Albans Abbey from S.W.
  • 6297 St Peter's Church, St Albans
  • 6303 French Row, St Albans
  • 6304 Sopwell Nunnery, St Albans
  • 6307 Town Hall, St Albans
  • 7758 Congregational Church, New Barnet
  • 7760 Hanley Church, Barnet
  • 7762 Church & High Street, High Barnet
  • 7765 Wesleyan Church, New Barnet
  • 8584 Grand Staircase, Hatfield House
  • 8586 View from N.W., Hatfield House
  • 8587 South Front, Hatfield House
  • 8631 Cassiobury Park, Watford
  • 8632 The Chalet, Cassiobury Park, Watford
  • 8638 Waterfall, Cassiobury Park, Watford
If you know of other Hertfordshire cards in the series please let me have details.
I would be particularly interested if there were any on undivided backs, or cards with a style and number which suggests they were in the Wrench series but which do not carry the Wrench name/logo 

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