Monday, May 4, 2015

Solomon Willis, Hemel Hempstead Cricket Captain 1868-1880

Solomon Willis, Captain of Hemel C.C.  1860-80
About two years ago I posted details of Solomon Willis, who was until 1897 the Under Bailiff of the ancient Pie Poudre Court of the Bailiwick of Hemel Hempstead. He was also a keen cricketer and Andy Turbutt has kindly sent me a copy of the photograph which proudly hangs in the Hemel Hempstead Cricket Pavilion. He was their Captain between 1860 and 1880,

Since the original posting copies of the Hemel Hempstead Gazette have appeared on the British Newspaper Archive - and there are a number of references to him as the Under Bailiff, as a cricketer, and as the publican of the Compasses Public House in the High Street. I have added some brief extracts to Solomon's Time Line, including a reference that shows he had a special uniform as under bailiff - and the picture I earlier posted is almost certainly genuine, and not merely fancy dress. 

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