Friday, May 1, 2015

April Report & Future Plans

Some real problems in April - starting with a software problem which has stopped me automatically updating the web site - meaning that I have to keep track of all files I amend and then update them manually one by one. In addition the computer I have been using to update the site crashed and had to spend some time in the local "computer hospital." These events highlighted a number of problems related to the continuation of the project and made it essential that I re-organize my filing system and make more reliable backup arrangements. 

In addition a number of domestic and other matters have been clamoring that they have been neglected and I need to spend more time on them over the next few months. 

One activity demanding my time relates to the research I did in the 1970s and 1980s as I have been asked to write an article in ITNow (the professional magazine of the British Computer Society) about how the commercially inspired rush to develop the computer industry meant that unconventional research ideas being abandoned because they were not "fashionable." This means I will need to spend more time on my other blog Trapped by the Box.

In addition I feel I need a real break - and have become involved in another short-term project in conjunction with the Tring Camera Club. Some years ago, when we still had a dog, I started taking photographs recording the area around Tring and posting some of them on a site called Geograph for archive purposes. The occasional posts "Rural Relaxation" on this newsletter has been a byproduct of this activity. The Club has now launched a project, linked into Tring 700, to record archive pictures of Tring as it is in 2015.I have got involved and I have decided to record my contribution to this project and also my posts to Geograph on a temporary blog "Recording Tring." This fits in well with my keep-fit plans to walk round the town three or four times a week - as the walk is far more interesting if I have a camera ..

In these circumstances I have decided to put any significant updates to the main web site on the back-burner for the next two or three months, although there are one or two things I was working on which I will finish. This newsletter will continue (you can help by feeding me details of new Hertfordshire books and booklets, details of local and family history events, etc.) and I will still answer questions - but will put a cap of one day a week on my genealogy related activities. The biggest loss will be the weekly Tring News from 1915 - but while a small number of people found it very useful there were not enough people to justify in continuing.

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