Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recording Tring - and other distractions

I am afraid that running this site has had to slip down the queue of priorities - and as the site tends to be quietest in the summer months don't expect regular postings over the next two or three months - although I hope to continue to replay to all appropriate emails.. However some of the competing activities may be of interest to some of you.

Tring celebrates the 700th anniversary of its market charter this year - and I have become involved in helping to produces a photographic record. This fits in well with my regular keep fit walks round the town. The final archive will not appear until later and I have am using a blog, Recording Tring in the 21st century, to act as a record of what I am doing - and you are all welcome to have a look.

I am also giving two talks to the Tring U3A - one on Historical Research using old Newspapers, and the other on Brickmaking in Hertfordshire and details will be added to the Hertfordshire Genealogy web site.

A completely different activity relates to my former university research on my blog Trapped by the Box. A paper relating to the way the computer industry expanded so fast that good ideas may have been lost has been published under the title Algorithms aren't Everything. As a result I am currently drafting a paper relating to the evolution of the human brain - progress being reported on the same blog.

Another less welcome task is to sort out my computer systems. Until recently all work was being done under windows XP and I am now regretting having moved to Windows 8. There is also a related problem that means it is harder to update the Hertfordshire Genealogy web site.

And finally it is summer - and if you think I am going to spend all my time indoors at a computer keyboard - forget it - I will be trying to enjoy the fine weather as much as possible.

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