Friday, December 8, 2017

Hertfordshire History Books for Christmas

Books on Hertfordshire
When the Genealogy in Hertfordshire Web Site was set up in its present form in April 2001 one of the aims was to encourage family historians to make use of the extensive published literature on the County. As a result details (sometimes with a short review) have been posted on the site of about 650 book, some dating back to the early 18th century, while many modern books were reviewed within months of the publication dates. 

Where a book relates to a particular town, village or subject there will be a link to the book web page, and in addition the book may be locates via an Author Index.

Over the years the interest in local and family history has increased enormously and the growth in desktop publishing, digitization, and online books has meant it has been impossible for me to keep up with all the new titles, web sites, etc.but I have tried to continue a few new book pages each year - if only to draw attention to the "goodies" that are out there for the serious researcher.
Part of my Hertfordshire Library

Because of difficulties with aging software and hardware (and resident genealogist) the web site is going into "archive mode" and I an sorting out my library. In this process I am finding many interesting books which I didn't have time to review. In many cases it would be useful to add these to the web site before updates stop and the site is permanently archived.

I have decided that between now and Christmas I will try to add pages, and reviews where appropriate to at least 20 of these unreported books, most of which will have been published in the last couple of years (and may make useful Christmas presents). Some of the older ones may be out of print or hard to find - and in such cases you can spend the Christmas-New Year break looking for copies.

NOTE: I am not a book shop - and if you require a personal copy of any book I mention you will need to locate the copy yourself - with help from the locating book pages on the main web site

You can help others: If you know of other books and booklets (especially if available online) relating to the history of Hertfordshire, and published in 2016 or 2017 why not help everyone by giving details in a comment below - as I can only review books on the main web site that I have actually seen. 

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