Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Who has been "spying" on my blog?

For various domestic and other reasons I have neglected this blog and the associated Genealogy in Hertfordshire web site through much of 2017. Yesterday I decided to check it out prior to makings some pre-Christmas posts and updates,

Because of the lack of new posts this blog has been getting an average of 150 to 200 hits a day so I was totally gob-smacked to find that the partial day total yesterday afternoon was over 7000 hits and that the most recent pages visited were all from 2012! Something very odd was going on. Today things seem back to normal about 20 hits in the last couple of hours, and the statistics show that over a 24 hour period the site was hit about 10,000 times. However there is nothing unusual in the number of traffic sources - so there is no indication who was accessing the blog.

Has anyone else noticed such extreme usage pecks on their blogs?
The profile of the "attack" on this blog
The normal "background" is about 100 hits a say

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