Thursday, September 15, 2011

Have you had a problem making a Donation?

Online donations via everyclick for the Hertfordshire Mental Health Charity Herts Mind Network are going moderately well - as while they are about £100 behind target they are better than in 2010. I use this method of collection because it greatly reduces paperwork all round, collects gift aid tax refunds for UK donors, and automatically converts overseas currencies at a very reasonable rate. Bank charges for small overseas donations can sometimes mean that more of the money actually end up supporting those poor near-destitute millionaire bankers, who can no longer afford to run two Ferraris, than it does helping the impoverished mentally ill in Hertfordshire.

Recently several overseas doners have reported difficulties, but I am unsure what the difficulty is. For instance perhaps in some countries it only accepts debit and not credit, card payments. If you have had any problems please let me know why - so I can inform others wanting to donate. If payment proves impossible I would prefer that your donation goes to an equivalent charity where you live, although of course such donations cannot be added to the everyclick total.

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  1. No problem from "down under" - good site, easy to follow.
    Diane Johns


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