Saturday, October 22, 2011

Right Name, Wrong Body - a REYNOLDS example

Ann is planning to come to Hertfordshire to investigate her REYNOLDS, Ridge & Colney Heath, 19th century ancestors and wants some general advice. In replying I found a new Real Name, Wrong Body? example with the following baptisms in the St Albans area:

William, son of George and Ann Reynolds, at St Stephen, 7 March 1819
William, son of William and Sarah Reynolds, at Ridge, 10 June 1821
William, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Reynolds, at St Peter, 14 April 1822
William, son of John and Dinah Reynolds, at Hatfield, 19 May 1822

There are possible links with the 2004 answer for Lynda (REYNOLDS, St Albans Area, 19th century) and  the 2009 answer for Ruth (REYNOLDS, Tyttenhanger Green, Prior to 1916).

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