Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Surrey Rifles in St Albans & Sawbridgeworth, 1914-15

When the First World War broke out in August 1914 the 2nd London Division of the Territorial Army moved to war stations in St Albans. Jeff is researching the history of the First Surrey Rifles in Hertfordshire, 1914-15. He sent some useful details relating to the 1st Battalion in St Albans, and the 2nd Battalion in St Albans and Sawbridgeworth. He also supplied a picture of the 2nd London Field Ambulance unit in Hatfield Park.

I was able to fill in a number of details - such as the fact that the First Surrey Rifles consumed 100 turkeys and 500 pounds of roast pork for their Christmas dinner in St Albans in 1914. I located the Hatters Croft and the Red House in Sawbridgeworth but there was some uncertainty about "Spels" but it may have been the Good Intent beer house.

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