Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hertfordshire War Memorial Photographs

In an earlier blog, Remembering the First World War, I mentioned that various people were starting to collect information in order to help remember their local dead in the centenary year, 2014.  I have subsequently been considering what contribution this web site can make.

I have decided that I could use the blog to provide access to high resolution pictures (typically 1024 x 768 bytes with large images on request ) which will ensure that the names can be clearly seen. The idea is that whenever I travel across the county I detour to add a few more towns or villages to the list and I should easily be able to cover nearly 150 memorials by August 2014 if I post one new set of pictures a week.  Where the memorial is associated with, or near, the local parish church or chapel I may use the opportunity to include photographs of that as well.

Memorials currently photographed and online are:

Aldbury - WW1 & WW2 tablets in the Church. One photo of church
Bayford - War Memorial Cross (no names) plus pictures of church
Lilley - War memorial by road -Four pictures of church and graveyard
Little Berkhamsted - Memorial at road junction by church - Three photo of church
Long Marston - Roadside war memorial with names.
Tring - WW1 & WW2 & Afghanistan  On edge of Churchyard
Links will be included to other relevant sites - for instance giving names and details of the casualties. These will include cross links to the main Genealogy in Hertfordshire web site.
Later Note: It soon became apparent that I didn't really have the time or resources to do this properly and instead I will be concentrating on restructuring the military pages on this web site (which have become somewhat untidy) and introduce as much new material, including war memorial pictures, as practical. 

If you know of any Hertfordshire WW1 plans for the anniversary please let me know and I will be happy to give the work publicity on this site.

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