Monday, October 3, 2011

Major update of Watton-at-Stone web page

Woodhall, Watton
The home of  Abel Henry Smith in 1912

The page for the Hertfordshire village of Watton-at-Stone has been upgraded to include a menu, new links, and two new post card images.

High Street & Post Office
One card shows Woodhall Park and was photographed by A. F. Bishop, and posted in 1915. The other shows the High Street, and the Post Office. It was published by C. E. Hide, who ran the Post Office, in the Vulcan Series., and was probably published in the early 1920s.

Parish Church, Watton
Two other post card were re-scanned. One was a picture of the Parish Church by C. E. Hide. The other was an early post card of the High Street in "The Watton Series." It was sent to Sergt H A Penn, who was serving in the British Army in the Punjab.

The hamlet of Whempstead is also included with Watton  and links are added to answer pages for the surnames Deards, Moye, Phillips and Rose.
High Street, Watton

These post card views are available as high resolution digital images - see High Resolution Images of Old Hertfordshire Post Cards

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  1. The H A Penn referred to is my Great Grandfather, Ada was is wife. He served in the Northampstonshire Regiment for 21 years. Discharged in December 1912, the married in early 1913, having my Grandad in October the same year. He re-enlisted in December 1914 and served almost another 4 years until he was wounded by a gas shell on the 1st day of the German Spring Offensive (21st March 1918). Herbert and Ada had a further two sons and eventually moved to Bengeo where my Grandad lived for the rest of his life. Does the postcard have any message on the back? Could you email me?


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