Saturday, October 12, 2013

Confirmation Dresses - and a Watford Photographer.

A Confirmation Dress
Family Events
In the Church of England there is infant baptism and when one becomes older there is an opportunity to confirm ones membership of the church. In this service women are dressed as a bride, and this one can be seen holding a prayer book.

The picture was taken in about 1911 and on the back there is an order for 6 reprints for Miss  "F hory" ???

So who is it? A search on the 1911 came up with no obvious match and the best I could find was Frances Honey, 47, Asylum Nurse, M A B, boarding at Martin Square, Abbots Langley. Can anyone come up with a more likely possibility?


The photograph was taken by William Frederick Southwood, and as it gives his address as "40 Market Street, Watford, late Woodford Road" it must have been taken soon after his brother, Joseph James Southwood retired from the business - suggesting a date of about 1911. This is the first example of William's work I have found.

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