Saturday, October 26, 2013

An Unknown School Group, circa 1915, almost certainly at Harpenden

St Albans
This photograph of a school group, identified on the back as Miss Cooper's class, was taken by the St Albans photographer, L. L. Christmas, in 1915 or later. Could the Miss Cooper be the Miss Gertrude Cooper, assistant mistress, living in Harpenden in 1911 - and if so which school is it? Because of the date there may be visitors to this site whose parents (or grandparents, or even great grandparents) are pictured here. Can you help identify the school and any of the pupils? At least 40 other copies were produced - some mounted and some as post cards - so perhaps you own one of them!!!  Perhaps you have a similar photograph taken in the same school room.

Click here for a larger image and a list of possible schools.

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  1. It is stated on the census form that Miss Gertrude Cooper was at a private secondary school. Surely this must be the co-educational St George's School that features so prominently on your site. The present address of the school is Sun Lane and this is just off Carlton Road. several other teachers are found a couple of houses down. Anthony


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