Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thomas Cooper - The Photographer father of a Pioneering Son

Pictures by Thomas Cooper
Why is this old lady, photographed by Thomas Cooper, looking so grim. Perhaps she is thinking that no-one knows who she is because somebody forgot to write her name on the back of the Carte de Visite. (Are all your important family pictures properly documented for future generations?)

St Albans
More to the point, the photographer was Thomas Milburn Cooper who was a photographer in St Albans from the 1860s to the end of the century. His son, Arthur Melbourne-Cooper, is described as a "photographed (animated)" in the 1901 census and one of the pioneers of movie making.

But for the present you will have to wait for more on Arthur, as he deserves a page on his own, I will probably not say much on his film making, which is well documented elsewhere, and may well concentrate on his Hertfordshire Cinemas and his post cards of the St Albans area.

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