Saturday, March 1, 2014

Month End Report, February 2014

The February statistics are good. The Newsletter and the main web site has had virtually as many visitors as January - despite February being three day shorter, and with significantly less posts - 16 down from 27. However I have ended the month with a number of updates and new posts unfinished in part because of some computer technical problems, and in part because I allowed myself to become distracted with some interesting but inessential historical probes and spent several days chasing them up. 

Don't expect any in depth research in March. During the month someone I know dropped down dead - and while he was not a close friend it reminded me that I can't expect to continue to run this site indefinitely - and that I really must get my affairs in order. For instance a chat with my son reminded me that my will (if I can find it) still includes provision for the care of my young family should I go prematurely - which is rather out of date as my daughters  Belinda and Lucy have predeceased me while my son is now over 50! 

So in March you can expect quite a few Newsletter items relating to Herts at War drawing attention to work other people are doing (such items do not take much time). I may also spend some time tidying up some of the work in progress which I did not finish in February. However any interesting new questions will have to wait until after Easter.

At the moment I think the best thing I can do is to schedule this post to appear after midnight - and get a early night's sleep ...

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