Friday, March 14, 2014

I do make mistakes sometimes ...

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I am human - so I am capable of making mistakes - and sometimes they appear on my web site. arlier today Noni pointed out an error on the page about William Wood Cook - who had the house "Dalny Veed" built at Barley when he retired from working in Russia. Basically I had got the information about his wife's parents wrong - and the offending sentence has now been rewritten:
Dalny Veed

In 1878 William married Emily Mary Mills, daughter of Thomas Benjamin Mills (a grocer who died in 1857) and Rebecca Mills nee Beetham, in the Darlington area and in 1881 ... ...
However the question involved a lot of out-of-Hertfordshire research and the answer ends wit a note indicating that my genealogical information needed checking - which I now know it did!

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