Saturday, November 1, 2014

Genealogy plans for Rest of 2014

We are all getting older and need to plan for the future and there have been some family discussions about the current situation and how a smooth transition might be made as old age takes its toll. I am well aware that some years ago a well-known local historian died, having collected (and in some cases borrowed) many important historical documents, and the local history society only learnt of his death on the second day of the bonfire! In addition infirmity might force a dramatic down-sizing if, for example, a move to a nursing home becomes necessary.  It would be difficult, if I died tomorrow for anyone to quickly identify material that should end up in a records office, through to items which are best treated as waste paper.

The current thinking - as far as the house is concerned - is to add a downstairs bedroom with en-suite facilities - which means clearing the garage - and so the first priority is a massive assault on the clutter that fills the garage and other areas of the house. This is just starting and will mean less time for working on genealogy-related tasks. The rest of the plan ... ... ...

For readers of this Newsletter, and users of the main web site, the chief effect will be that I spend less time posting new information on the main site. There may be more news style "quickies" on the Newsletter - but only if people keep me informed of forth coming events, publications, etc. In view of the bitterly disappointing donation rate when I answer "Ask Chris" questions (see the Webmaster's report) I may consider cutting this facility out altogether. On occasions I have spent five or more hours preparing an answer and don't even get a "Thank You" message for finding an extra generation or two! On the other hand the downsizing will almost certainly mean streamlining my library - and selling off duplicate and otherwise unwanted Hertfordshire material on ebay ... When I do I will put a note in the newsletter

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