Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Historical Limerick for a change.

Drowning Clarence in a butt of Malmsey wine
Duke of Clarence was drowned in a butt
Malmsey wine for that year was in glut
There’s no doubt he was dead
But some say that his head
From an ax-man had suffered a cut.

George, Duke of Clarence, a royal prince of the House of York at the time of the war of the Roses, was assassinated in 1478 because he plotted with the Lancastrians against his brother, King Edward IV. It is said he was drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine, but some said he was secretly beheaded.

To relax I often write limericks and nearly Wednesday I write a Science Limerick which I post, with some of the background science, on my other blog "Trapped by the Box." I also occasionally enter limericks in the MadKane weekly limerick romp - and this week the first line had to end with "but" or "butt" and the above was my attempt to write something different ... Perhaps I should try and write some about Hertfordshire history ...

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