Saturday, July 30, 2016

Important changes to the GENUKI pages

The GENUKI web site is currently being updated and this is affecting the links to parish records included on this web site. The current situation is as follows:

If you enter the GENUKI web site via the "Key Web Sites" option on my home page menu you can still reach the old GENUKI pages for a given parish.but the GENUKI home page includes the message:
We are in the process of upgrading the site to implement a content management system.
However if you try to enter the parish web page from the links on my pariah the link no longer works.

If you google the name of the parish and GENUKI you get a reformatted parish page which includes a map of the parish and some new standard links.

Obviously amyone who has been using direct GENUKI links on their web site, or as starred links on their browser, will need to change their links.

I am waiting to see when the situation stabilizes and may then use the change to carry out a review of all the common direct links and update all affected parish pages over the next month or so.

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