Saturday, September 24, 2016

Did Harry Andrée, a St Albans Photographer, photograph Queen Victoria?

Harry Curt Ernest Andrée was a German who ran the "Alma Road Studio," St Albans, between about 1896 and 1900 - allowing his St Albans photographs to be dated within a couple of years. He later became a photographer in Ireland, before returning to England.

The information I have so far collected on him raises two questions:

  • In 1891 he described himself as an engineer but when he arrived in St Albans, circa 1896, he was a photographer whose patrons included Her Majesty Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales and the Archbishop of Westminster. The big question is what had he done before coming to St Albans to acquire such significant patrons?
  • At about the time he left St Albans another photographer Montiville Evans started working in Alma Road. Did he take over Lane's studio?

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