Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm travelling on a different bus at present ...

Well not exactly - but my other blog Trapped by the Box has beeen rather neglected over the last few months and for the next few days or so I will be giving it priority over this blog, especially if one of the posts - The Evolution of Intelligence creates a lot of interest. 

Another post  - I had a Dream Last Night - how bizarre mentions a nightmare I had as a child and includes a picture of a double decker bus which (according to the destination board) traveled through Hertfordshire, including Tring, where I currently live.

Later in March I have four hospital appointments - including two quick operations. One of the operations is for the cataract in my "good" eye - which should make things easier as since Christmas it has slowed up my work at the keyboard.

All this means that I may not be able to provide a daily post to this blog during March ...However I am planning to answer all direct requests for information.

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