Saturday, March 17, 2012

See you all again at Easter

Lambs at Wilstone Great Farm
The National Health Service is behaving like London buses (you wait for ages and then three come along together).
   Following a phone call a few day ago which said there was an early vacancy on a surgeon's list I now have three pre-op hospital visits and hopefully three minor operations in the next two weeks! I have decided to forget about updating this Newsletter during this period and I am adding another week to get back to normal - which means I should be back to this blog and the web site in time for the Easter weekend.
Church Square, Tring
   One of the operations is relevant to this site - as since Christmas I have found reading small or feint writing more difficult. So I am having a cataract removed from my good right eye - my left eye having been permanently damaged by glaucoma. 
At Bates Boatyard, near Puttenham
     If I feel in the mood and need to hit the keyboard I plan to relax by posting more modern pictures of Hertfordshire (and possibly elsewhere) on Geograph. These will come from a collection of several thousand pictures I have taken over the last three year which needs sorting out.
   In addition I may carry out minor maintenance work on the main web site - but non-urgent queries, etc., on this site will be have to wait..

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