Sunday, March 11, 2012

Medieval Field Ridges in Startops Reservoir, near Tring

Medieval Ridges exposed in Startops Reservoir
In view of the considerable interest in Medieval Field System exposed at Wilstone Reservoir and More evidence of Medieval Fields at Tring Reservoirs I have been monitoring the water level in Startops Reservoir to see if the features became more obvious as the water levels rise. Yesterday I was rewarded by the above photograph of the four best preserver ridges, highlighted by the rising water. I have just posted a higher resolution version of the above picture on Geograph (it may take a day or two to appear online), together with two other high resolution pictures taken from different angles which illustrate the difficult in spotting such landscape features on the ground due to the effect of foreshortening. Later this morning I am planning to visit Long Marston to see if I can get a good picture of the ridge and furrow fields there.
  I am also in the process of adding more views of the reservoirs (see Photographing Hertfordshire and Keeping Fit) and the first batch of pictures of Startops and Tringford Reservoirs are already on Geograph.

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