Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Did your ancestor sell Thorley's Cake

Thorley's Cake for Sheep & Lambs
An advert printed on an envelope
Perhaps because of my farming ancestry, or the fact that my first job was with Coopers at Berkhamsted, I was interested to see this advert on an old envelope. It was printed on an envelope, together with the name of the agent. S. D. Simkins & Sons, of Hitchin.
   So I now know who Samuel David Simkins was, and the names of his sons, and a little about Thorley's Cake (although more investigation is needed). 
  However posting this has alerted me to a neglected area of this web site - the dealing with ephemera. One of the purposes of the site was to tell people about some of the more unusual sources of information - and the key feature of ephemera is that normally they are thrown away and it is only the rare item that survives. 
      So what I am doing is improving the Ephemera page, which includes a long list of items already posted. Some have already been reformatted - and the rest will probably be done over the next few weeks, when I want a small non-strenuous task to do.


  Following Anthony's comment about the Joseph Thorley living at Radlet in 1911 I have added significant information about the history of the company.

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  1. Ah but there is a Herts connection. Try the 1911 census for Joseph Thorley and Herts and you will come up with a cattle feed manufacturer. The factory as you may have seen was at King's Cross. I wonder if this is the Joe Thorley who died at Doraventi, Battlefield Road, St Albans in 1939 leaving quite a substantial estate (close on 100 grand)? Anthony


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