Friday, November 1, 2013

Goodbye October - Welcome November

At last I have got a copy of Karaktus No 1
I am keeping this month end report short because I have other things on my mind. There were 27 new posts to the Newsletter blog which attracted 6,810 page views, while the main site attracted 22,535 visitors who between them saw 68,033 pages.

I have decided I really must upgrade my computer system between now and Christmas and arrange an ordered transfer of files. In the past I have simply created a folder on the new computer which contains all the data on the old one. But the old computer already contained a folder which held all the files from its predecessor, which ... back to files from a university main frame which was scrapped in 1988, and others from BBC computers from the 1980s and the Apple Mac I used in Australia in 1990/1. I estimate the total volume is about 200 gigabytes. As part of the process I may need to move to more up-to-date software to support the genealogy web site (I use Microsoft Front Page, which they stopped supporting about 10 years ago). I will undoubtedly keep the new and old systems running alongside each other for at least a year, as sorting things out could well take that long.
Herts Pictures

Part of the work will mean setting up new libraries on the new system, which means information is accessible by subject - rather than by how long ago the file was created. I have already started some of the preliminary work on the picture libraries. and this will mean mean there could be more posts relating to old pictures of Hertfordshire appearing in this newsletter. 

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  1. Good luck with the new system. I use FrontPage for my website, but for some reason the password no longer appears to work so I haven't been able to update it for several years...


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