Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hill End Asylum, St Albans & Wikimedia Commons

Hill End Asylum, St Albans, circa 1904
I have just added the above post card image of Hill End Hospital, which shows the entrance block and the chapel, to the Hill End page of the main site.

And what has Wikimedia Commons to do with it? I hear you ask.

At the present time I am looking to upgrade my computer, tidy up my office and get my files in order. I am also looking into ways of ensuring long term access to some of the more valuable areas of the site. One area where this is possible is to "outsource" higher resolution images of old (out of copyright) post cards to Wikimedia Common. There will be no change to appearance of my web site until you click on a blue-framed image where there is a higher resolution image. The proposed new arrangement will show the larger image in a Wikimedia Common page - fully documented and with various sized images for download. In addition the images handled in this way will be permanently available to anyone. 

I have used the Hill End example to assess how well the approach works and you can see two Wikimedia images via the Hill End page or by clicking the following links.

Let me know, by a comment below, what you think of the change - and if the reaction is favourable I will start loading more higher resolution pictures onto the site where appropriate and copyright laws allow.

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