Monday, November 18, 2013

Old Hertfordshire Recipes - Mock Turtle

Take a Calfs Head, scall [sic] off the hair; When cleaned, cut the horny part into thin slices with as little of the lean as possible; put a few chopped Oysters to the Brains; Then have ready between a quart and three pints of strong Veal gravy or Mutton with a quart of Madeira Wine, a large teaspoonful of Chian Pepper. Batter a large Onion, and the peel of half a Lemon chopped very fine, a little Sauce and the juice of two large Lemons and some sweet herbs sliced very fine. Stew all these together until the Meat is tender, which will be in about one hour and a half. Then have ready a Turtles Back Shell lined with a paste of flour and Water, which must be set in the Oven to harden. Then put the ingredients into the shell, and put it into the Oven to brown. Garnish with Yolks of Eggs, boiled hard and some forced Meat Balls.
      Two Cows heels and a Calfs foot dressed the same way, make a good Dish.

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