Friday, November 8, 2013

Statue to Alfred Russel Wallace (a Hertford schoolboy) unveiled

Alfred Russel Wallace
To celebrate the centenary of Alfred Russel Wallace's death a statute has been unveiled at the Natural History Museum and in the run up to this event there has been a lot of interest in the man - as shown by the number of visits to the page on Wallace on my web site and the item on him on this Newsletter.

There has been many pages of information appearing about him in the last few days such as:
Sir David Attenborough unveiling statue
Virtually all the coverage overlooks the fact that if it had not been for his education at Hertford Grammar School he might never have become a scientist. But there was on notable exception. The Hertford Mercury web site has a well illustrated news item Hertford-born Alfred Russel Wallace: His life and times about the special exhibition at the Hertford Museum (Tuesdays to Saturdays until 22nd February 2014)
At the Wallace Exhibition, Hertford Museum

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