Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some Distinctive Harpenden Views circa 1910.

The High Street, Harpenden
Last month I posted some pictures of Berkhamsted, including some with a very distinctive frame with four leaf clovers. I already knew that there was at least one similar card from Harpenden, and have now tracked down four more of that town. They are all the same - very high class colour printing, glazed, and embossed. The combination of embossing and glazing was clearly a mistake as in every case the glaze has cracked and I have not yet found a card where the brown frame has not come away in places - and has been digitally repaired! It could well be that only two sets were produced, in 1910 or 1911, for Berkhamsted and Harpenden, but the design was dropped because they proved to be easily damaged when displayed in the shops.

I have also established that there were other "LN" cards - including the Northamptonshire Implement Gate in the "Castle Series of View Cards" series - all pointing to a Northamptonshire publisher - bit have not yet got a name and address.

If the cards were produced in sets of six I am looking for card number 516 of Harpenden and cards number 522 and 524 of Berkhamsted. If you know the subject of these cars, or even better can supply a digital image, please let me know.
Click here to see the cards in the series I already have.

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