Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Arsenic in a Hertford "Quack Doctor'" medicine kills Aldbury woman

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Ivan Judd has kindly drawn my attention to the following inquest where Mary Ann Parish, of Aldbury, died as the result of using a medicine containing arsenic provided by a herbalist Isaac Chamberlain, of Hertford.
So what happened to Isaac after the inquest? Don't let me spoil your fun in finding out for yourself. The article describing the subsequent trial appears in the Herts Guardian for 20th July, 1867 and the case was widely reported elsewhere. There is an unexpected follow up to the case reported in the national press in April and May 1869. 
Do you agree with the final outcomes?
You can follow up what happened to Isaac in the British Newspaper Archive (and FindMyPast) or using Google.

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