Thursday, February 26, 2015

Home needed for Briden Bible with Hertford connections

Over 10 years ago I found an large old illustrated family Bible, with cover detached, and the earliest entry was that of the marriage of Robert Briden and Caroline, both of whom were born in Hertfordshire. Robert was a member of the Briden family of bakers who lived in Hertford and I posted details in BRIDEN, Bengeo, Hertford, mid 19th century, and over the years additional information on the family has been added - but no-one has "claimed" the bible. 

A few days ago Marilyn provided a further update on the Briden bakers, and I discovered the bible was still in the bedroom next on the de-cluttering list - so I have photographed the entries and put the pictures online. I have set the following timetable for disposing of the Bible:

  1. If any Briden relative claims it as a result of this post they can have it.
  2. If there is no claimant by the end of March I will advertise it on ebay to reach a wider and different audience.
  3. If I still have it by the end of April I will salvage the Family pages and the rest of the Bible will end up in the skip.
So if you know anyone who might be interested pass on the "Good News" ....

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