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Tring at War - 6th February 1915 - The Latest News ...

Extracts from the Bucks Herald of 6th February, 1915
Edited from British Newspaper Archive
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    This week's paper contained a very full account of the Tring Agricultural Society Annual General Meeting which included details relating to the 1914 show which was disrupted by the outbreak of war, and the cancellation of the 1915 show. This week there were no casualties to report, and only indirect references to the troops billeted in the Town. However readers of the paper were reminded of the War with a recruitment advertisement, the farmers were grumbling about labour shortages, and Cannon Wood needed a chauffer. Training of volunteers for the Tring Ambulance Division continued. It was decided that, because of the war, this was not a good time to install a steam laundry at the workhouse.
    Mrs Huckvale, wife of the local architect William Huckvale, died and there had to be an inquest into the death of William Wells, a farm labourer from Puttenham. Mr Morrison, who accident was reported last week, is recovering and a pharmacist has been recruited to keep his chemists shop open. William Kingham sued Jesse Collings for unpaid rent, while J. G. Williams of Pendley was to the the prisedent of the Shire Horse Society.
    One local institution was in trouble. The Rose and Crown Hotel lost its licence - along with some other establishments at Berkhamsted, Chipperfield and Little Gaddesden. However this was on a technicality and a revise application could be expected. In fact the hotel was currently advertising for a newkitchenmaid.
    Surnames mentioned in this week's extracts: Baker, Barter, Bull, Collings, Craufurd, Crosland, Gettings, Gooderham, Goulder, Hearne, Huckvale, Humphreys, Jeffery, Kingham, Maciver, Mapley, Mead, Morrison, Mullett, O'Keefe, Part, Putnam, Reeve, Rothschild, Wells, Williams, Wood, Woodley - plus many more associated with the Tring Agricultural Society.

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