Thursday, August 4, 2016

Information on the railways of Hertfordshire

1895 Map showing the railways of Hertfordshire
Railways played and important role in the expansion of many Hertfordshire towns form the late 19th into the 20tth century, and some years ago it was decided to have at least a page on this site for every main and branch line - and in some case for individual stations. As a result there is a RAILWAYS page with a menu which includes links to the above map and a long list of books but the original plan has not been completed.

In the current review of "unfinished work" it is noted that because of the large number of books on the subject, and the amount of online information about railways available, the Railway pages would  be used to link to information on the railways held on this site under other headings, and the original comprehensive plan would be put on hold - unless there was a volunteer interested in preparing the material.

However links to new sites - such as the Rail Map Online - will be added when I discover them.

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