Monday, August 22, 2016

The Hudson Family of Frogmore Hall, Hertfordshire

When this 1851 receipt, for £10,000 came up for sale on ebay, and no-one else bid, I thought it would be worth investigating who it was that was so well off - and what property in Hertfordshire did they have.

It turns out that William Hudson moved to Frogmore Lodge, Aston, circa 1810 and it remained in the  family until 1914, although it is clear that they also had a London home.. Around 1886 it was replaced by Frogmore Hall.

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  1. Peter has provided a most useful link

    Not only does it include a post card view of Frogmore Hall from the early 20th century but it included the history from the Second World War (when it was used to train spies who would be parachuted into Poland) to the present day.


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