Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This site is Non-commercial ....

(Apologies to those of you who have read this post before but emails I have been getting suggest I should move this message to a more visible position. In view of the previous post it is also appropriate to emphasize this site's non-commercial nature.)
After running for ten years without any spam this site appears to be attractive to the advertising agencies - as I had yet another message trying to get me to take advertising. My reply this time is as follows:

     I am puzzled as to why you should think of contacting a 100% non-commercial web site which deals with family and local history in Hertfordshire, although I can understand why you may not have spotted the blog of 13 May which discusses the matter. You may also have been unaware that when the URL was registered over 10 years ago the only generally available URLs in the UK were domains. 
     At first sight your client's business has absolutely nothing to do with genealogy but after a little thought I realised that there is a connection - but one that you would be unlikely to mention in your adverts.
      The people who visit my site are very much concerned with the birth, marriage and death of their ancestors and other relatives. Look at any family tree and you can find far too many examples of people who have died of lung cancer, emphysema, liver cirrhosis, etc.  In addition there will be families that have run into problems from alcohol addiction or from spending too much on legal addictive drugs. However your client has a business plan that means it is not too worried about killing its customers off as it can then make more money selling flowers for the funeral ....
     Why not spend a little time thinking out the consequences of your actions. Some years ago I did a calculation as to the cost of my education at an expensive private school - the fees being paid out of the profits my father made selling cigarettes. I came to the conclusion that my father's customers shortened their lives by a total of over 200 years by smoking, and many died an unpleasant death, in order to pay the fees.
     While you may feel the site might be a suitable place for your clients to advertise, your client's business is not one which could in any way be considered acceptable .

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