Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Would you pay £74.99 for a Birth Certificate?

Well some people do - at least for the "express" delivery if they want a replacement birth certificate - and as the "we look official but we really are a scam" web sites often appear at the top online searches perhaps some genealogists have been caught out as well. I have just discovered a Home Office press release which points out that you can get the official express service for £23.40 and the standard cost of a certificate is £9.25.  
(Of course some genealogists are happy to pay over £12 extra to subsidize web sites such as Ancestry ...)

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  1. In order to obtain certified copies or replacement birth certificates from vital records, one is required to complete an application form and mail it to the DVRA or just visit the town/city clerk and pay a search fee. The usual fee is $15 including any additional expenses met to cater for credit card transactions. This fee is mandatory whether your record is found or not other pricing may be made for state agencies and also government agencies incase of non-certified copies or verification of vital events. Its also possible to get extra birth replacement certificates in New Hampshire at a fee of about $10.


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