Sunday, January 29, 2012


The last couple of days have been uncomfortable and I have had very little sleep. Hopefully posts will resume after a scheduled visit to the dentist on Tuesday.

There might be some other similar short "breaks" in service over the next few months. I am clearly getting to a stage in life when things start to wear out. I have two appointments for examinations each of which could lead to minor surgery (in one case for a cataract in my one good eye), plus appointments for a pre-op and op for a different issue. None are serious - but if postings become a bit erratic during February and March  I will be back.

*** 5th February *** The visit to the dentist involved some planned repair work - which was carried out satisfactorily -and an examination and X-ray showed nothing amiss in the area I was having pain ... but unfortunately the only effect of the treatment is that I am not taking so many paracetamol for toothache ...

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