Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Reformer - a message from 1841

My New Years Resolution is to reform - as a result of buying this old newspaper. ... 

In fact what I will be reforming is the appalling state of the newspaper pages on this web site. When I came to post details of this newspaper on the web site I became aware that the web pages for the newspapers, and old news, needed urgent reforming and have put it on a list of things to do in 2012. I have already upgraded the main Newspaper page but more work is needed on the menu and significant changes are needed to the way the Old News archives are handled.
     So back to The Reformer. I have already posted a list of the agents who sold the newspaper throughout Hertfordshire, together with the Births, Marriages and Deaths column of this 2 October 1841 issue. Over the next few weeks I will be publishing a number of news stories and a selection of advertisements. from this paper - and intend to ensure there is at least one  Old News story a week.
     Even the initial short extracts are sufficient to suggest a link between Stephen Austin, who published  The Reformer in Hertford, the Herts Advertiser paper (first published in St Albans in 1855), and my ancestor, John Gibbs, who published the Aylesbury News starting in 1836. John Gibbs and Stephen Austin appear to have had similar political views and I am sure must have corresponded.. Hopefully I will have time to follow up this lead in more detail at a later date.

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